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This Corvette was bought in May 2002 in Sandnes close to Stavanger. I had been thinking on buying  a Corvette Convertible 1968 for a while, almost since I did sell my Corvette Coupe 75 in 1980 witch I had imported from Huston two years before. My choice  was an 68 since this was the first of the C3 model. My experience of buying and restoring this Corvette may not be better nor worse than others have experienced but it might help others to choose right Corvette or project.
The Corvette was picked up in Sandnes and it did look some slummocky as my daughter Linn Christin said but after a review of a survey report  for the Corvette from an Norwegian Us Car Association and the salesman's  word: "It's a good car except for the carburetor and I have never done anything with the Engine", we did drive on our way back home to Sandefjord. In our first  real uphill road we ended in a tailback and I relished the throttle and the result was the Corvette stopped. It showed up that I had to keep the engine running on 1700 rpm when hot to keep it going, so at next uphill in tailback I pushed in the clutch and tighten the Handbrake, oh Jesus, I did almost ram the car behind me for a reason I did find out later. There were nothing in the brake drums just two wires sticking out.
Well we finally ended up in Sandefjord after about 150 US $ in gasoline. I had been looking for a project and I really did end up with one. My best guess is that this car has been used for spare parts and later put together with worn out parts. After a fire in the electrical system in engine room I decided to take a full Restoring. This Web site is not any attempt to make a Restoring Guide Line, it's really enough Books on that subject out there. In summer 2004 I did buy a 75 Corvette Convertible with the clear mind that it would not be another Summer without any wind in my hair. This is a fix and drive project.